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Reparto en camión de Galletas Angulo de los años 40
Preparación de bizcochos Sancho Panza en el horno de Galletas Angulo en los años 50
Documento antiguo de presentación de Jesús Angulo
Presentación antigua de la caja de un kilo de bizcochos Sancho Panza de Galletas Angulo
Iconografía del Sancho Panza de Galletas Angulo
Logotipo antiguo de Galletas Angulo

The company was created 70 years ago in 1946 by Mr. Fernando Angulo García and Ms. Mercedes Antón Garcia. The first site was the home of the Angulo family located in Calle Larga in the ducal town of Lerma.

Initially it was a cottage industry staffed by two married couples and three employees. In 1964 the family and the company moved to what would be its permanent location on the outskirts of the town of Lerma, on the Palencia road. In that period the company began adding equipment and staff to develop from a simple cottage industry into a semi-industrial enterprise.

Overcoming the difficulties typical of family businesses, the industry has kept growing and adapting to market conditions. In November 1984 it became a corporation under the name Galletas Angulo S.A.

In recent years there has been continuous investment in the acquisition of new machinery and expansion of industrial buildings. The company has also created a laboratory with measurement and control equipment to verify both the raw materials purchased and the end products. All these efforts have enabled us to obtain IFS V.6 quality certifications.

Galletas Angulo S.A. is now a company run by the third generation of the Angulo family which focuses on the quality of its products and is present throughout the national market and in countries in Latin American, Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

All this with the conviction that the only way to do things is to do them well.

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