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Ctra. Palencia s/n
E-09340 LERMA (Burgos) - ESPAÑA
NIF A 09044041
Phone: 947.17.01.01
Fax: 947.17.70.26
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Natural Products

The main difference of our company is dedicated to producing only biscuits, so we are leading experts in their production.

We care about the product, from selecting the best ingredients, all natural, and without using any preservatives or artificial coloring, and we have a manufacturing process that resembles industrial although the most traditional procedures.

Hence we get a delicious product with a flavor and a very special format. Galletas Angulo SA, currently available in the market for three types of products: Lady Fingers, Sponge Biscuits and Sponge biscuits no sugar added.

Lady Fingers

Sweet biscuits, dry, light, very spongy , also called Lady Fingers.
Sponge biscuits

Made with the finest natural products, and following the recipe exclusive property of the Angulo family get a unique product because of its shape, aroma and intense flavor.
Sponge Biscuits no sugar added

Based on all the qualities of Sponge Biscuit, we wanted to offer our customers a product without added sugars, the same flavor and aroma of Sponge Biscuit ever.
Since we are concerned Galletas Angulo health of our customers and especially those who every day have more complications to enjoy wholesome and full of flavor.

Therefore we are fully aware in our duty towards these people to offer a guarantee that a product can be consumed without fear. What is Food Allergy?

A food allergy is an abnormal response of the body to certain foods. Food allergy causes an immune system response, causing various symptoms ranging from uncomfortable to very serious reactions.

Any food can cause an allergic reaction, but only eight foods cause 90% of these reactions: milk, egg, wheat, soybeans, corn, nuts, fish and shellfish. Presence of allergens in the biscuits SANCHO PANZA Aware of increase of food-borne allergies in recent years, Galletas Angulo extreme control measures to minimize the presence of food allergens in their biscuits. This will have exclusive manufacturing lines for each type of product, independent from beginning to end, ensuring the absence of cross-contamination or possible traces between biscuits of different composition.

The allergens present in products made by Galletas Angulo are:

Sponge Biscuits - Wheat Gluten

Lady Fingers - Wheat Gluten / Egg

Sponge Biscuits no sugar added Wheat Gluten

The list of ingredients accurately reflects the composition of our Biscuits. For more information on the topic of food allergies and intolerances can visit the following addresses:

Spanish Association of Food and Allergy to Latex. AEPNNA

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