Galletas Angulo



The company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Fernando Angulo García y Ms.
Mercedes Antón García, 70 years ago. The first site was in the own
house of the Angulo family, located in Larga Street of the Ducal
Village of Lerma. Initially, it was a totally artisan industry in
which two marriages and three employees worked. In 1964 the company, as
well as the family, will move to what will be its final location, the
outskirts of Lerma, by the Palencia highway.
In those years the company incorporated machinery and personnel to
transform from a completely handmade production to a semi-industrial
production. Overcoming the typical difficulties of family companies,
the industry has been growing and adapting to market circumstances.
In November 1984 it was incorporated as a public limited company with
the denomination of Galletas Angulo S.A.


Good quality is called

Sancho Panza

In its beginnings, the company was dedicated to the production and
distribution of biscuits and doughnuts. That was how the delivery
van looked like at the beginning of the company in 1946.



The pride of what


In Galletas Angulo we defend the values of the family business as a
guarantee of the preservation of the traditions and recipes that we
have inherited.


Through the last years, continuous investments are being made,
machinery adquisition and expansion of industrial buildings. Likewise,
the creation of a laboratory of measurement and control equipment has been
strengthened to verify both the raw ingredients that are acquired and
and the final products produced. All these efforts
have led us to have IFS V quality certifications.



Quality production


 In Galletas Angulo we control the processes of production and
acquisition of raw ingredients so that our final product is the best
in the market.


Galletas Angulo S.A. is currently a company run by the third generation of
the Angulo family, focusing on the quality of its products, being present
in the entire national market and countries in Latin America, Europe,
America, Arab countries and Asia.



A comitment,

our good work

 In Galletas Angulo we know that there is one sole way to do things
and this is to do them well.