Quality Policy




Our Mission is to manufacture products with a unique and unmistakable flavour, aroma and texture. Purity and naturalness are the simple secret of Galletas Angulo.



This is the biggest secret of Galletas Angulo. We guarantee a
quality control of raw products to achieve the highest quality andsafety of our products.




The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction, which is why we believe in the need to improve continuously and systematically our management system.




We are aware that it is a general duty to try to reconcile economic and industrial activities with the utmost respect for the environment in order to leave a better world.



  • The complete satisfaction of our clients with the manipulated and
    transformed products. We subordinate all the activities of the Company to the achievement of that satisfaction and to the fulfillment of the requirements of the market.
  • A project based on meeting the demands of the market segment while looking for products that meet the ethical, legal and environmental requirements.
  • To demonstrate and guarantee , by means of registers and/or certificates, the image of a serious, transparent, technically and professionally solvent company. One that is capable and restless when looking for a continuous improvement in the effectiveness of our management system and one that maintains the standards of hygiene and food safety.
  • Compliance with the requirements, standards and specifications established by current legislation or by customers.
  • Not to use in the elaboration of our products any raw ingredient coming from genetically modified organisms.


Galletas Angulo

Certified Quality

We establish Quality objectives that are reviewed periodically.
Management approves and supports the content of this Quality Policy, making it available to its suppliers, staff and customers.